Natural Gas Leaks, Odors or Emergencies

About Us

With roots that stretch back to 1855, Elizabethtown Gas today serves more than 276,000 residential, business and industrial natural gas customers in New Jersey. We serve parts of Union, Middlesex, Sussex, Warren, Hunterdon, Morris and Mercer counties. Our parent company, AGL Resources, is one of the nation's preeminent distributors of natural gas.

A Historical Timeline

1855 Elizabethtown Gas is founded to fuel the 300 gaslights lining the streets of the city now known as Elizabeth, N.J. For the first century of our existence, we use coal to manufacture the gas we deliver.
1951 Our company converts to natural gas, which is delivered to us through a network of interstate pipelines.
1969 NUI Utilities Inc. is founded, and Elizabethtown Gas becomes part of that corporation.
2004 Elizabethtown Gas becomes a subsidiary of AGL Resources Inc., an Atlanta-based energy holding company.
Today As part of the AGL Resources family, we constantly strive to provide efficient, economical and reliable service to our customers.